How to install python ?

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Python is an easy programming language which has efficient high level data structure. If you have and want to learn an object oriented programming language then you should start with Python. There is a large community available along with it you also get libraries to use.

By using python you can also create website application on the server. In this sequence, this blog will tell you everything from installing Python to how to do programming.

Since 1966, Python has been updated many times and many of its versions are available. The current version is 3.11.5.

Download and start

First of all we have to download the current version of python from the official website of python.

After python download you also need to an IDE named pycharm or you can also install anaconda

Anaconda IDE already has many libraries stored in it, so you do not need to install them separately, you can call any of these.

So, our download are complete. Now you can run python and start coding. In the next blog of python tutorial. We will start from coding.

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